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Learning management system is a management software that allows learners to select and register for courses, present content, measure and evaluate, monitor and report user information in asynchronous (different-time) or blended education.

Thanks to this software, students’ and personnel’s interest in training is followed, and their performance is monitored according to the scores they get from the tests.

LMS software

is of vital importance for institutions as they form the backbone of the e-learning project. In addition, LMS software is gradually turning into distance education portals . This situation makes the production and use of brand new software widespread with LMS. These softwares:

LMS Classroom Software ,
Social interaction and collaboration tools (increasingly becoming standard LMS features),
Content (educational software) production, presentation and management software,
Quite complex measurement and evaluation software (standard features for LMS),
Offline content management software.
It can be summarized as offline measurement and evaluation software (within confidentiality principles).

What is Asynchronous Learning?

In this learning method, knowledge is produced and stored in advance; then the student-participant can access this information whenever and wherever they want, as many times as they want. In this model, information is constantly renewed dynamically in digital environments; When the student visits the pages, it is monitored and automatic reports are generated by asking instructive questions about the subject. In this model, educational information can be prepared and transferred to the digital environment in two ways: Transferring course contents to computer environment by using various software tools,
Transferring a lecture being taught to a computer environment with devices such as cameras and microphones.

Open Source LMS:

it cannot be used in the cloud LMS, it allows the company to make as many changes as it deems necessary, allowing the complete customization of the learning management system; LMS with Closed Source: it is the easiest option and without much effort to administer, which is the ready software with the availability of automatic customizable panels. The company will choose the models and colors pre-created by the platform.

In any case, the LMS, a learning management system, some can be used together and others only with isolated actions because they do not have compatible systems. The company must evaluate the budget and time available for actions, if it wants easier or greater control of data retention or if it prefers to have a specialized sector only in this. In any case, you can start testing with the free option and then choose the best path and investment value to implement your own system. Because it is important that the software complies with the Data Protection Law, guarantee a safe storage so as not to lose the information and that it has a good user experience for the participants.

The main benefits of LMS

It guarantees experiences and retains the results of employees or students for future analysis and guides so that improvements are made and adaptations are generated through each response.

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